How can we help you?

How does Hello Tiger work?
Where is my profile or profile pictures?
How do I report someone?
Someone is harassing me!
How do I match with someone?
How do I stop people from calling me in the app?
What does Skip For Now mean?
How do I chat with someone for more than a minute?
Can I undo a decline after chatting to someone?
Can I skip past someone during the first one minute chat?
How do I change what name or username if displayed?
Why are my search preferences displayed when I Go Live?
I denied Hello Tiger access to my location
What is the Favourites section?
How old do I have to be to use Hello Tiger?
Where can I message people I've chatted to?
I extended the chat but that person isn't in my Favourites section?
How do I delete someone from my Favourites/Messaging secton?
I extended the chat with someone but it didn't work?
How do I pin or unpin someone from my messages in the Favourites section?
How do I block someone from messaging or calling me?
My bandwidth use is high!
How do I create or edit message templates?
How is Hello Tiger safe?
Is it really free?
Is my personal information safe?
How do I change my picture that's displayed in My Account?
What does Out For Drinks mean or do?
How do I delete my profile or account?
The only thing I can search for is Friendship? This is the only option available?
I've been blocked, what do I do?
Why do you need my phone number?
Why have I been issued with a warning?
How do the distances work?
I can't verify my phone number?
I didn't get the phone number verification SMS?
I denied Hello Tiger access to my location
I'm not matching with anyone for Live Chats
How do I change my search criteria or preferences?
Best times to go live?
How do I contact support?
Can't continue after verification code
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